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At Crystal Run Health Plans, we’re transforming the way care is delivered to our members from the inside out. Our new provider search tool demonstrates this. It’s designed to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your needs.


Crystal Run Healthcare, our plan sponsor, is a nationally recognized multispecialty medical group with hundreds of Hudson Valley-based doctors. Click here to find a doctor near you.

Crystal Run Health Plans provider network

Search our Core and Extended networks to find a primary care physician, specialist, hospital or other healthcare service close to where you live or work.

If you need help finding a provider, speak to your Personal Healthcare Concierge or give us a call at 1-844-638-6506.


We’ll help you find the right provider and even help you schedule your appointment.

Why Choose Crystal Run Health Plans?

Because we're physician-led, we keep the focus where it should always be: on the patient. And because of our local and national provider network, we can truly deliver on the promise of higher-quality care and lower costs.



health Concierge

A unique approach to member service. Your personal Healthcare Concierge welcomes you to the plan, guides you through the system, answers your questions, resolves any service issues and makes you aware of your options.


Health and Wellness

No matter where you are on the healthcare spectrum, we have programs and resources to help our members achieve healthcare goals and improve overall health.