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Why Choose

Crystal Run
Health Plans?

Crystal Run Health Plans is pleased to offer a Medicaid Managed Care Plan to people living in Orange and Sullivan Counties.


At Crystal Run Health Plans we believe there are a few things that are needed for you and your family to be well:

  • A caring doctor you can always turn to when needed
  • Easy access to healthcare providers and other services you need.
  • Programs and services to help you better manage your health.


We focus on these things every day along with providing great member service. We hope this site answers many of your questions. If not, please call us at (844)638-6506 (TTY: 844-638-6508) and we will be happy to help you.

#Accessing Primary Care

We believe that primary care is important to your good health. Our members will choose a primary care physician (PCP) who will coordinate your care with other doctors and providers.

#Health Concierge

A unique approach to member service. Your personal healthcare Concierge will welcome you to the plan, guide you through the system, resolve any service issues and make you aware of your options.

#Prenatal Program

Crystal Run Healthcare offers monthly prenatal classes at our Newburgh, Middletown and Warwick offices.

#Wellness Programs

We have designed our wellness programs with your needs in mind. Our broad array of wellness programs are easy to access on our website, online library, in-person classes and brochures.

#Member Portal

Our Member Portal provides you with easy access to your health benefits information. Simply register and create a password to begin. Once registered, you can do many things, including find the lowest cost provider in your area, view your benefits, order a new ID card and see your claims.


Crystal Run Health Plans offers resources and tools to help you and your family stay well, manage health problems, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This includes a health library, pre-natal classes, and information and resources on HIV/AIDS. Please view the resources below.


Health Library
Pre-natal classes event calendar
AIDS Institute
HIV Resource Guide
HIV/AIDS Provider Reporting & Partner Services
Talking with young people about HIV/AIDS & Youth Development
Faith communities and HIV/AIDS
Smoking Cessation Resources

Eligibility and Enrollment

How do I find out if I am eligible?

NY State determines your eligibility for Medicaid. This is done through the NY State of Health Marketplace (the Marketplace). Crystal Run Health Plans does not make this decision. The Marketplace looks at your household income, your age, if you are single, have a family or are pregnant. Each member of your family is reviewed for eligibility for the Marketplace as family members may be eligible for different programs.


Click below on our Plan Finder to see if you are eligible for Medicaid Managed Care. Please note that these results are preliminary and not a guarantee of coverage which is determined by the Marketplace. If you are not eligible for these programs, the Plan Finder will help you to locate another plan that might meet you or your family's needs.


How do I apply?

  • You can call us at Crystal Run Health Plans at (844) 638-6506 (TTY: 844-638-6508). We will set up an appointment for you with one of our Marketplace Facilitated Enrollers. Or click here if you want one of our Marketplace Facilitated Enrollers to call you.
  • You can contact the Marketplace to fill out an application online at or by phone at (855) 355-5777. The Marketplace can also help you find in-person help in your community.

How long will it take to receive coverage?


Date of receipt of enrollment application
Effective Date of Coverage

Date of receipt of enrollment application

By the 15th of the month

(example: June 15th)

Effective Date of Coverage

The 1st day of the following month

(example: July 1)

Date of receipt of enrollment application

After the 15th of the month

(example: June 20th)

Effective Date of Coverage

The 1st day of the month after

(example: August 1)



How do I renew my eligibility?

Most people need to renew their eligibility every year. You will receive a letter from the Marketplace 60 days before your renewal date. You will be asked to recertify your income at that time. Crystal Run Health Plans can help you with your renewal. Please call our customer service line for assistance at (844) 638-6506 (TTY: 844-638-6508).

Medicaid Member Resources

For more information about Crystal Run Health Plans please call us at (844) 638–6506 (TTY: 844-638-6508) or complete the form below and one of our Marketplace Facilitated Enroller will contact you.