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Crystal Run Health Plan, LLC and Crystal Run Health Insurance Company, Inc., (collectively, “Crystal Run Health Plans”) maintain high standards for the protection of your privacy over the Internet. This Policy is intended to describe the types of information Crystal Run Health Plans may obtain about visitors to our website and how the information is used. This Policy does not apply to information collected through other means, including, but not limited to, by mail, telephone or in person, although that information may be protected by other privacy policies.

The Crystal Run Health Plans website is intended for a United States audience. If you access this website from outside the U.S., you acknowledge, agree, and consent that any information you provide, including any personal information, will be transferred to and processed by a computer server located within the U.S., and subject to U.S. laws and regulations. Further, if you access this site from outside the U.S., you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local or national laws, rules, or regulations applicable to such use.

The only information Crystal Run Health Plans obtains about individual visitors to our website is information supplied voluntarily by the visitor. This means your visit to our website does not require you to tell us who you are or reveal any information about yourself.

To constantly improve your web experience, Crystal Run Health Plans uses “cookies” to track your web page navigation and site usage, as well as gather various aggregate traffic data/patterns or other general usage statistics. A cookie is a small file created by a website that stores information on your computer or device. Cookies cannot be used to obtain data from your hard drive, obtain your email address, or retrieve sensitive or personal information about you, and you may disable cookies by adjusting your browser preferences at any time. You can still use the website if you disable cookies in your browser, but this may affect the website’s ability to remember your web page history, or whether you have participated in certain site surveys. It may also render certain page functions unusable.

In general, you can use the Crystal Run Health Plans website without revealing any personal information. However, Crystal Run Health Plans members with a secure online account may provide individually identifiable information to Crystal Run Health Plans through the website. Examples of secured self-serve transactions that can be made through your online account include submitting a change of address, requesting a new ID card, or selecting a new primary care physician. When visitors supply information about themselves for a specific purpose, Crystal Run Health Plans uses the information for that purpose only. Any information a member provides to, or is collected by, Crystal Run Health Plans through the website will not affect that subscriber’s health care coverage, eligibility, premiums, or claims payments.

We do not sell information obtained online about our visitors to anyone. We may, however, disclose information obtained online to our partners who help us provide you with Crystal Run Health Plans services or products, if the law requires us to make the disclosure, if the disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of customers, employees or property, or if all or part of Crystal Run Health Plans is sold, merged, dissolved, acquired, or otherwise involved in a similar transaction.

Crystal Run Health Plans does not transmit unsolicited “junk” email (spam). For those members, providers, brokers, or employers who have opted in, we may use email to respond to general inquiries that are submitted on the website. If you wish to opt-out of any Crystal Run Health Plans email communication, you should utilize the “unsubscribe” link contained within the email itself or contact Member Services at 1-844-638-6506. If you send Crystal Run Health Plans an email communication, it may be shared with a Member Service Representative or other appropriate Crystal Run Health Plans employees. Once Crystal Run Health Plans has responded to your communication, that response will be archived in our computer system.

If you choose to send email to Crystal Run Health Plans outside of the secure Customer Care Contact Form, please be aware that those email messages may be viewed by other Internet users while in transit to Crystal Run Health Plans. If you have personally identifiable information to communicate to Crystal Run Health Plans outside of the secure areas of the website, and you wish it to remain confidential, you should not use email. Instead, please contact Crystal Run Health Plans Member Services.

Crystal Run Health Plans is committed to privacy on our site and has adopted privacy ethics that define our commitment and policy to safeguarding customer privacy. Our employees, providers, and partners are required to protect the privacy of our customer and member information.

Crystal Run Health Plans strives to ensure that the information we obtain and use is accurate. To that end, it is important for Crystal Run Health Plans to continuously verify that our customer records are correct. If you find an error, please let us know. Crystal Run Health Plans’ Member Services Representatives are trained to answer any questions about the information obtained about you, including how to correct any inaccuracies in that information.

The Crystal Run Health Plans website may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices they employ. This Policy does not apply to any other website you go to from this site, including those to which we have provided links for your convenience. If you are concerned about or interested in the privacy practices of the other websites you visit, you may wish to review their posted privacy statements or contact them directly.

To improve the services Crystal Run Health Plans can offer you, Crystal Run Health Plans may opt to expand its capabilities for obtaining information about users from the website in the future without prior notice. If this occurs, Crystal Run Health Plans will timely update this Policy to ensure that you are aware of developments in this area.

This version of the Web Privacy Policy is dated February 23, 2015.




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